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Investment Management Advisory

In the provision of alternative equity investment advisory, EnVent strategically adopt a holistic approach seeking to maximise investment return for the investor, while monitoring the profitability generation of the target Investees and its ESG impact.


EnVent operates by providing:
– High-quality investment advice for the identification, evaluation, selection of superior investment targets and for the identification of sound investment exits to the fund manager.
– Active on-demand support to the target investees for them (1) to achieve the planned business goals to increase the probability of investment success through tailored advice on capital allocation in operations, business and innovation strategies and, (2) to achieve or maintain the sound level of ESG ranking to be sustainable.


EnVent’s investment advisory team has gained overall 20+ years of proven and solid international experience in:
– Technology transfer & venturing for successful identification, selection, valuation, implementation, commercialisation of and investment in technological innovations, start-ups and scale-ups.
– Advisory and execution of strategic deals and IPOs of corporate growth.
– Investment banking based on integrated platform of products and services dedicated to SMEs: corporate finance/M&A, equity research and corporate broking for listed companies, pre-IPO and companies under IPO process.


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